Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My New Blog

Hello friends!

I decided to make a new blog dedicated completely to my crochet work. A little piece of history. I learned to crochet when I was about 10 years old, nobody in particular taught me but my mom showed me a couple of stitches. I was so determined to learn, so I tried and tried and made a lot of doilies and hair scrunchies. I always loved to crochet with thin cotton thread that's why I never made any large clothing pieces or anything with yarn. That was a long time ago in Russia.

Several years ago I started making scrapbooks and cards, this is how I found small crocheted flowers and other appliques can be used as embellishments. Seeing the crazy prices on those cute tiny pieces made me want to make them myself, I even brought a hook and some thread I had used a long time ago from Russia. So I tried...and failed. Not that I completely forgot how to, but I did not have any patterns and could not make them up myself.

Youtube to the rescue. Another bummer...I don't understand English abbreviations and stitches. I guess I am very patient and persistent. Slowly I re-learned all the basics and started looking for some patterns,  bought a couple of books, and then Pinterest opened its doors for all of us crafters. Now..if only I have more time. Tons and tons of patterns and tutorials.

I started making and using my flowers on my cards and soon found out some friends are eager to purchase them, so I started offering them at a very low price. I even opened my own etsy shop for crocheted embellishments.

On this blog I will be posting everything that I make and you can browse and see if you like anything then contact me by email with your requests. I keep the prices very low and include extra pieces with every order. I love comments too.

Thank you and hope to see you on my blog.


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  1. Your blog looks wonderful - love all the photos of your crocheted goodies along the sides!